Life and YAPS

I haven’t posted in a little while, that’s because on the 05th I started a new role at a excellent startup, Skyscape Cloud, acting as their only web developer.

My main development skills lie with PHP, however my new role has given me an opportunity to broaden my development horizons with ruby, specifically rails.

So far I’m very much loving the concepts of rails but I am missing the experience I need and the comfortability that I have with PHP.


A week ago I decided to stop my current progress with YAPS and review the model. After much deliberation I decided to rewrite the core as an OOP framework which can be adopted into any number of plugins. The basic idea is to allow the YAPS framework to run as a plugin itself, where further plugins inherit the framework, or as an inclusive part of a plugin.

The weekend just passed involved much progress on the framework, with MVC architecture at the core.

As a general insight, the framework currently includes autoloading for classes, auto include of files such as routing config, easy to use routing/rewrites, templating, forms and admin page and menu setup.

Over and out

I may have started a new role, but my attention on YAPS will continue. YAPS is coming along well and I still intend to release the framework and some YAPS based plugins by Christmas – though they will be beta.

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