Why I left Spotify and moved to Rdio

As of Sunday the 17th of March, after having been with Spotify for two years I decided to move to a new and upcoming provider, Rdio.

The significance of this post is to detail the fact that I would not in any frame of mind have moved away from Spotify if they had resolved an ongoing issue smoothly, in fact, at all.

Having used their service as a loyal customer for over two years, I thought Spotify would have dedicated more support and time to an ongoing issue that many users have experienced. The issue being Spotify no longer working with Sonos which I noticed on the 1st of January 2013 at 00:00 (quite literally). Sonos simply does not recognise my Spotify credentials, despite originally signing up as an email account holder.

I had been three months without Spotify through my Sonos, which has been a rather painstakingly difficult period for me. I require quality sound, and I require it when I want it, not when my provider decides they will solve an issue.

Spotify do not seem to have support desk analysts that can diagnose the problem. The only suggestion they can make/have made, several times, is to reset my password – it didn’t work the first time, it won’t work three times later. This is a classic case of insanity, performing the same task over and over again expecting a different result.

I can only assume the issue arose due to linking my Facebook account with Spotify, which makes me think that the Spotify developers didn’t quite plan out the authentication connections dynamically enough. Having implemented several oAuth connections into single applications myself, I can tell you it’s not exactly a hard task. In fact, with little work my upcoming web application (to be detailed soon) allows authentication through email accounts as well as Twitter oAuth, both, or an email account and many Twitter accounts. Not to mention, with a little work I can allow for Facebook users and other oAuth service providers to authenticate through my app.

Enter Rdio

My lovely lady happened to notice a status on Facebook from a friend of hers about Rdio. Without hesitation, I setup an account, downloaded it, went through Sonos and bam! it works and continues to do so. What’s more is I did a thorough test by signing up through Facebook as well as setting up an email based account. What do you know? It works, and it works a treat.


It’s pretty simple really, I have canceled my Spotify subscription and I am now a happy subscriber to Rdio, they deserve my money. Thanks for all the great work the developers have done!

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