Where this is going and YAPS discontinued

The last few months have proved to be a tough time for myself. During the past few months I have finalised a divorce and clean break order, started a new position at an up and coming cloud service and moved into a new home. In turn, I haven’t had the chance to concentrate on YAPS.

While I thoroughly enjoy writing plugins and particularly the YAPS framework my heart currently lies with Ruby on Rails development, being that my job relies on it, and that I find it astoundingly enjoyable to code in.

Having a vast amount of ideas for small web apps that could be useful to many, further progressing YAPS, with the time required to manage and support the plugin framework will prohibit this. Thus, I have had to make the decision to discontinue the development.

However, what this allows me to do is concentrate more on srcnix.com and further progress my knowledge in rails while building small apps here and there for people to use and enjoy. Thus, this is a new beginning more so than an end. After-all, I’m a start-up kind of guy, and to ensure I actually start and maintain something, I must concentrate on the smaller projects first.

If anyone is interested in YAPS, whether to view the source code or even to continue the development please do not hesitate to contact me and I’ll set it up in GitHub, for now it will remain in my private repository until interest arises.


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