YAPS (Yet Another Pluggable System)

In September I spent some time looking over existing WordPress plugins, looking through the code (some of which are beautifully written), the functionality and the extensibility. I came to the conclusion that on a user interaction, socialisation fore-front there isn’t a great deal of plugins out there, at least, not any that I liked.

The most well-known plugin for social member functionality is BuddyPress, and while I’m happy to take my hat off to them for the work that they have done, it just isn’t my cup of tea for extensibility. Extending BuddyPress feels out of the norm of the intentions of WordPress, but that could just be me.

In addition to user interactions a lot of the plugins out there are poorly written and are far from extensible. Because of this I have taken it upon myself to create and then maintain a series of plugins, initially concentrating on members. This set of plugins will be called YAPS, or Yet Another Pluggable System.

I arrived at the name YAPS as I want the name to represent the point of the plugin set. At the very center of each plugin will be the YAPS core, which extends functionality of the WordPress core, removing the need to write code for mundane tasks. Each additional YAPS plugin will rely on the YAPS core functionality and will be fully extensible by developers, and easily installed and maintained by general WordPress users.

YAPS core will be open source at heart, and free to download and use. I will also release plugins in the same manner, but some may be premium. I aim to have a beta release of the YAPS core, YAPS Member and other YAPS plugins by the end of the year. Further plugins will be released as time goes on.

Over the coming months I will explain more about the purpose, code and general functioning of YAPS. In the meantime, if you’d like to know more feel free to contact me and we can have a chat.

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