Simply Yes, No? Simple questions, simple answers!

Today marks the day that Simply Yes, No? went live. Today also happens to mark the first time I have launched a web app of my own, quite personal achievement considering the amount of web apps I have developed and launched for companies.

Simply Yes, No?’s goal is to provide a single resource for asking and answering simple “yes”, “no” questions, where no discrimination, neglect or argumentative comments can be provided. Simply put, you answer “yes” or “no”, or not at all.

The Internet is full of complex QA (Question and Answer) sites, many of which are very useful, but usually not simple. Simply Yes, No? fixes this problem by bridging the gap between QA and simple while providing useful resources to help quickly find the answer to your question, no matter the topic.

The platform has been developed, and will continuously be developed to help bring quick answers to your yes or no questions. Simply Yes, No? utilises the power of social media, semantic analysis and automation tools to lower the amount of work you need to do to get the answers to your questions. In turn, the platform helps those that like to answer, answer appropriately and anonymously.

Why not check Simply Yes, No? out, ask simple questions, get simple answers. Or, feel free to just answer some of the questions on the question stream, helping others.

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